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WorldPride 2014 March - Design suggestions and roles!

Design month! We need volunteers to help design things to give out at pride, such as pamphlets, banners, stickers, and T-shirts for the marching group. If you have any ideas, feel free to post and share.


WorldPride Asexual conference, London 2012 - Part 5: Researchers panel - YouTube

Videos from the WorldPride Asexual Conference 2012
Part 5: Researchers Panel

WorldPride Asexual conference, London 2012 - Part 4: David Jay's talk - YouTube

Videos from the WorldPride Asexual Conference 2012
Part 4: David Jay’s Talk

WorldPride Asexual conference, London 2012 - Part 3: International panel - YouTube

Videos from the WorldPride Asexual Conference 2012
Part 3: International Panel

WorldPride Asexual conference, London 2012 - Part 2a: Neth's talk on the flag - YouTube

Videos from the WorldPride Asexual Conference 2012
Part 2a: Neth’s talk on the flag.
Part 2b: Visibility and Education Panel.


WorldPride Asexual conference, London 2012 - Part 1: Nat Titman's talk - YouTube

In anticipation of the 2014 conference, we will be posting videos of the 2012 conference in the following week, so you can have an idea of what is to come.
Part 1: Nat Titman’s talk. A history of asexuality.

Asexuality World Festival 2014

The name of the event has officially been changed to Asexuality World Festival 2014.
The email has also been changed to


WorldPride 2014 Toronto - Where We Are

This is an announcement from the Asexual WorldPride committee. We are posting this to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening for WorldPride.


Saturday June 28: International Asexual Conference

There will be a free one-day international conference with talks, panels, workshops and media opportunities where all are welcome. You may register through our email or on our Facebook or Tumblr.

The conference location will be announced in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Sunday June 29: Pride Parade

The parade will begin at 2 pm starting at Bloor Street East and Church Street. It will stretch down Yonge Street and end at Dundas Street. We’ll be handing out information about asexuality during the event. Feel free to dress creatively (just remember that it can get hot in Toronto during the summer).

Information about Travel and Accommodation

Here are links to the master threads in the WorldPride forum that contain the information you’ll need. These threads cover aspects of traveling, car pooling and accommodations. Feel free to check them out for help or come with suggestions of your own. You can add your own input, ask questions and request assistance if needed.

If you’re planning on driving to Toronto, check out our carpooling thread which contains different surveys, spreadsheets to register your interest, and handy google maps which allow you to see fellow carpoolers in your area as well as suggested routes. This will make it easier for you to find others to carpool with and others to find you.

Travel masterpost
Carpooling Masterpost
Accommodations Masterpost

How You Can Help

We are looking to spread the word and reach as many people who are interested in coming as possible so please share and follow our social media. It would also be great if you could write about WorldPride, and more specifically about the asexual community’s involvement in it in your blogs, tweets, etc. and/or reblog them using the WorldPride tag #WP14TO and the asexual tag #asexuality.

Social media sites:

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or concerns not covered here, feel free to send us a message, or email us at:



Not Broken Not Alone - from Rodney Uhler

"Not Broken Not Alone" follows a group of asexuals in London as they prepare for their biggest international meet-up, World Pride 2012. The film explores not only the complexities asexuals experience within their own community, but within their efforts to gain visibility and acceptance by the greater public.

A video shot at WorldPride 2012