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Videos from the 2014 Asexuality World Festival

Didn’t make it to the event? Here are the videos from the 2014 Asexuality World Festival and conference.

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Second ever Asexual Conference at World Pride Toronto 2014 ·

Thank you, PinkNews, for featuring the Asexual Conference in an article.

The second International Asexual Conference will be held at World Pride in Toronto this year, following the first Asexual Conference at the 2012 World Pride in London.


To donate to our campaign, please go here:

We want to make the International Asexual Conference, our free one-day event on June 28 at Ryerson University as inclusive as possible. 

Right now, we’re fundraising to hire a team of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for the day for our deaf attendees. 

For more information about the International Asexual Conference, please see here:

Register here:


Video created by: Amy Liang
Photos courtesy of David Jay, local asexual groups, and
Poster graphic courtesy of:


Call for projects at the International Asexual Conference

Got a project idea for raising asexual vis awareness? Want to attend the largest North American ace gathering in history? Read on!

This is a second announcement for the International Asexual conference in Toronto, as part of the Asexual World Festival (25-30 June 2014), coinciding with WorldPride. For more on the conference and to register please go to the WorldPride events calendar and the registration form.

For further information including help with accommodation and travel please see this thread.

Taking place at the Rogers Communications Centre of Ryerson University in Downtown Toronto on 28 June 2014, the International Asexual conference will be an exciting gathering of leading activists and educators (such as David Jay, Sara Beth Brooks and Swankivy), community members from all over North America and beyond, and interested public, press and researchers. Planned activities include:
- Talks by leading vis/educators
- Panel discussions with (optional) audience participation
- Workshops
- Opportunities to table and present projects, and of course
- Free lunch and CAKE!!

We want to take a call for ideas of asexual projects that we can either showcase, enable or get off the ground at the International Asexual conference. The concentration of such a large part of the community in one place is a rare event we are eager to make the most of. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact us at, or reply to this post.

The motto is “The conference would be a great opportunity for…

How the conference could help
  • announcement, call for volunteers
  • tables / show and tell during lunch
  • anonymous surveys
  • filming/photographing in the breaks
Possible ideas
  • photography project
  • video minidoc
  • school/college article
  • written anthology
  • zine (we may have a zine table)
  • If you have any ideas, feel free to contact us at, or reply to this post.

Asexuality World Festival 2014

Asexuality World Festival 2014


WorldPride 2014 Accommodations

Don’t have a place to stay at Toronto yet? Here are some resources to help you. There is also a possibility of accommodation sharing, so check it out!


#asexual conference

We have adopted the tag #asexual conference, so any comments, posts, photos related to the International Asexual Conference can go here.


Parade and conference designs

Do you want to help with the designs for the parade and conference? Now is your chance! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or designs, feel free to post in the threads, or reply here directly.

The International Asexuality conference, 28 June 2014


This is the official announcement for the International Asexuality conference on 28 June 2014 at Ryerson University. Our conference is a now a WorldPride affiliate event, and details can be found on their website.

You can now register for the conference here!

It will take place in…

In addition, there will be free lunch and cake! Forgot to add this earlier.